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Camp Kehilla is proud to offer a wide variety of activities, all of which strongly enhance the camp experience throughout the summer, all while allowing for a personalized approach to every camper’s specific interests and needs.

On-Site Activities:

Music Therapy provided by Once Upon A Song:

Our campers have the opportunity to express themselves through the magic of Once Upon A Song‘s music therapy program. Everyone at camp will take part in music games, song singing, basic instrumentation, and more, as part of this engaging, improvisational musical experience!

Sports/Fitness provided by HOPEFitness:

The mission of The HOPEFitness SPORTS FOUNDATION is to provide, coordinate and support the inclusion of individuals with ALL types of abilities in fitness and sports training.

Art provided by Mis. Jillian’s Kid’s Crafts

Offering a variety of arts and crafts, from painting to tie-dye, edible art, and every craft in between.

Sensory/Science provided by Hofstra University:

We have partnered with Hofstra University’s School of Health Professions and Human Services, Master of Occupational Therapy program to provide an immersive curriculum, designed to stimulate fine-motor skills in a fun and creative setting.


Swimming with instruction provided by American Red Cross:
Campers will engage in one hour of swim each day. Thirty of those minutes will be facilitated by instructors, all of whom are certified through American Red Cross. The other half hour is reserved for free swim. The pool complex is designed to allow for differentiated swim levels, from beginners to more skilled and experienced swimmers.


Cartooning provided by Drezen Draws (upper camp only):

Ever dreamed of being an artist? Creating your own characters? Publishing a real-life comic book? With Drezen Draws, this dream becomes a reality for our Unit 5 and 6 campers. From beginners to the most skilled illustrators, everyone has the opportunity to feel like they can draw anything, including the cartoons they see on TV.

Zing! (lower camp only):

Zing! aims to support kids around the world to feel their very best through movement, mindset, and play.  

Yoga provided by Sea Cliff Yoga Shop (upper camp only):

The intention is to support the development of social-emotional skills through mindfulness and movement. Designed for all ages and abilities.

Cooking provided by Alana:

Get your hands dirty and your bellies full with fun and bake-free treats.

Social Emotional Learning provided by Mallory Schiff, MSW:

Fun and engaging social-emotional learning activities can help our campers form friendships, learn to regulate a verity of emotions, build self-esteem, and more. 


Baseball Day in partnership with Roslyn High School Varsity Baseball Team:

All campers will get mentored from baseball players from Roslyn High School. From simple drills to a full game, everyone gets a chance to feel like a pro.

Picture Day in partnership with Photos by Felicia:

Comb your hair, brush your teeth, grab a shave… just make sure you look your best! Also, be sure to wear your camp tee-shirt that day. We want to see everyone rep their Kehilla gear for those wallet-sized photos.

Carnival Day in partnership with Island Quest Day Camp:

Bounce-houses, popcorn, cotton-candy machines…what else could anyone ask for? Camp Kehilla is excited to offer this amazing, fun-filled inclusion experience with Island Quest Day Camp.

Color Run in partnership with Island Quest Day Camp:

A truly one-of-a-kind inclusion experience. Our campers will team up with our Island Quest Day Camp counterparts to do three of our favorite things – get some exercise, get messy (in a colorful way of course), and have a blast!


Ker BOOM Kidz Academy in partnership with Island Quest Day Camp:

KerboomKids is designed to get children excited about living a healthy lifestyle and fitness through movement and dance. This program was created to move, educate, and inspire today’s youth.

Kehilla Olympics:

Our take on a camp classic! Each Unit will take part in everything from relay races, to developing group chants, and so very much more throughout the 8th and final week of camp.

National Circus Project:

Programs are designed to provide students with an understanding of the steps necessary to learn the core skills, and through a supervised “hands-on” activity assist them in using the information to master the patterns themselves. Kids love to watch circus, and are very motivated to try the skills we perform. Our workshops are challenging, without being overwhelming or frustrating. This gives students an opportunity to learn patience, self-discipline and good practice habits (while having fun!).

MAD Science:

For over 30 years, Mad Science has developed science programs that are kid-tested and approved. From our humble beginnings to the present day, we have always believed that hands-on, fun STEM experiences form the foundation of a lifelong love of science, technology, engineering, and math!

SO Fun City:

SO Fun City is an inclusive program designed with all needs in mind. Their programs were carefully crafted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to accommodate and support all needs.



Mainstages is an educational theater company committed to the growth of children through creative programming and performances. We are driven by the values that make the performing arts an integral component of education and we aim to create a safe space for children to take risks and grow as individuals. We seek to build a framework with our partner organizations to incorporate their central values to lift up the visibility and impact of the performing arts while allowing students to think outside of the box and grow. Fun and celebration are key to our mission. We take on big topics and embrace and celebrate our differences, while always emphasizing collaboration and enjoyment. Overall, we use theatrical programming and entertainment to educate and prepare well-rounded youth for leadership in tomorrow’s world.


2023 Calendars

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