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Welcome to another great summer
at Camp Kehilla! 
Our Innovative Program includes:
  • Activities tailored to youth and young adults with a
    variety of special needs

  • Core focus on building social skills, lasting friendships
    and self-esteem

  • Individualized plans to grow with campers at each stage
    of development

  • A brand  shelter with all new amenities (in addition to our already existing shelter), a completely new swimming pool complex located directly adjacent to our campsite, and more space for us to operate on-site during inclement weather

  • Multiple fields for sports, and multiple playgrounds for recreational free play

  • PT/OT available through district partnership

  • Snack provided daily

  • Kosher lunch options now included in cost

  • Transportation provided on air-conditioned buses (Depending on location, this service may either be available on a door-to-door basis, or as part of a hub system in partnership with Island Quest Day Camp)

  • Camp Kehilla hours are 9am-3:30pm

Enrollment Process

All first time campers are required to have an assessment interview before being accepted into camp.  Campers who are interested in scheduling an interview, should complete a camper application. After the application is received, a member of our team will contact you to schedule an assessment. Please contact the East Hills office at 516.484.1545 ext. 292.

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“I love Camp Kehilla because for 10 years you have given my son
a place to look forward to every summer, an opportunity to truly
be himself without judgement, and a place to have fun and socialize.”

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