Welcome to Camp Kehilla!

A pioneer in special needs camping for more than 25 years!

Camp Kehilla is designed to make the typical camp experience accessible to those with various special needs. Our approach allows for a customized summer for children ages 5-21 years with developmental disabilities, Autism spectrum disorder, and/or other neurodevelopmental conditions. By combining typical camp activities such as swimming, arts & crafts, and sports with evidence-based social facilitation techniques, campers have an opportunity to forge friendships and develop social skills in an environment that closely resembles that of a neurotypical setting. The flexible structure of camp promotes the ability for each camper’s individual strengths to flourish, which helps craft a personalized experience for everyone who attends.


Since COVID-19, we have established numerous protocols to ensure the safety of every individual who comes to Camp Kehilla. As the pandemic continues to evolve, so will our policies and procedures. We will continue to adapt as we need to.


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516.484.1545 Ext. 236



At Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds

75 Colonial Springs Road

Wheatley Heights, NY 11798